Thumbnail problems

If a lot of thumbnails are not showing, try to refresh the page or empty your browser cache.

About new 20 000 files lost their content and files that are restored will not show if the "old" 0 kb (empty file) are still stored in your browser cache.

Thumbnail problems II

Some thumbnails are not displayed although the upload went fine. Do not delete or disable the image, we will regenerate the thumbnail. We will also improve the system so that this does not happen in the future.


Photographers who wants to use a FTP-client to upload their images must send us a request by e-mail to post[ ] Remember to include your username in the request. Please include a link to your portfolio if you have less then 100 images on this site.

A FTP-accounts enables you to upload a large amount of images without much effort, especially if you have included IPTC data with keywords in your files. This is also why we have not created FTP-accounts by default for all of our photographers, some do not have the necessary self critical ability to judge their own images, especially newcomers.

Therefore some of you must be prepared to get a negative response on their request.

Price and commision change

From 1st December 2012 we will change our prices for the first time since we started. We will also change the commesion to a fixed percetange (30 %) of what the customer pays for each credit.

Individual images have previously not been for sale and the smallest credit package available sale was 10 credits.

Images#PriceImage PriceRoyalties
1EUR 15EUR 15.00EUR 4.500
2EUR 20EUR 10.00EUR 3.000
3EUR 25EUR 8.33EUR 2.500
4EUR 30EUR 7.50EUR 2.250
5EUR 35EUR 7.00EUR 2.100
6EUR 38EUR 6.33EUR 1.900
7EUR 41EUR 5.86EUR 1.757
8EUR 44EUR 5.50EUR 1.650
9EUR 47EUR 5.22EUR 1.567
10EUR 50EUR 5.00EUR 1.500
30EUR 135EUR 4.50EUR 1.350
50EUR 200EUR 4.00EUR 1.200
100EUR 380EUR 3.80EUR 1.140
200EUR 720EUR 3.60EUR 1.080
400EUR 1400EUR 3.50EUR 1.050
1000EUR 3350EUR 3.35EUR 1.005